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Banking Services from SAP - the platform for the "Next Generation Banking"

"Banking services from SAP" is the SAP banking solution for the core business of a bank. The SAP Banking Services is the evolutionary successor of the SAP products "Deposits Management" and "Consumer and Mortgage Loans" based on the Deposits Management technology, which since 2003 is daily proving its capacity at the German Postbank.

SAP Banking Services currently contain the following components:

  • Account Management* (administration of accounts and loans)
  • Master Contract Management* (administration of framework agreements for the corporate banking business)
  • Posting Control Office* (rule based post processing tool)
  • Collateral administration
  • Business partner administration*
  • Bank analyser (Tool for support of the bank administration)
  • BI Business Intelligence

Currently version 6 of the SAP Banking Services is generally available. Version 6 still has its emphasis completely upon the deposits-/ current account business. Gradually, however, will the loans functionality of the SAP Banking Services product suite be extended.

* indicates those components that were included into the SAP Deposits Management, developed by SAP until version 4.0.

In addition SAP offers the "Payment Engine" as a product, by means of which for example the German Postbank processes nearly 20% of the total of the German domestic funds transfers transaction volume. The SAP Payment Engine is currently not a component within the SAP Banking Services, but will however frequently be implemented in conjunction with this system (e.g. at the ATB in Kanada).