Hard facts about your career at CORE SPIRIT

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Hard facts

In the relationship client – CORE SPIRIT – consultant you are an essential pillar. We believe, that each part of this relationship can learn and benefit from the others.

For this we at CORE SPIRIT are creating a clearly supportive environment.

At CORE SPIRIT the continuous personal and professional development of our employees is in high esteem. We want our consultants to progress and grow - and this is evident in everything that we do.

We promote and grow the unique knowledge of our consultants by means of numerous hard- and soft skill training courses as well as corresponding project tasks and assignments in which the acquired knowledge is applied in real life.

This leads to satisfied customers and self confident consultants. In order to give you the opportunity to very tangibly benefit from your project successes do we offer performance based salary schemes. Here clear calculation rules are particularily important to us – we want you to at all times know and understand exactly on what your salary is based.

As an employee at CORE SPIRIT you do have a pronounced influence on your career. We individually and regularily sit down with each consultant and plan, where his or her journey at CORE SPIRIT shall lead. In this way every individual can create and follow his or her entirely personal career path in the relationship client – CORE SPIRIT – consultant.

An over-sized administration would hinder the consultants in their daily work. Therefore we use lean internal processes. Further support is being provided by our flexible infrastructure coupled with the reliable and highly available infrastructure upon which we base our internal systems.

Whenever it is possible and desired by the consultant, we support him or her in working out of his or her home office, in order for the amount of time, in which we are separated from our families, to be kept as small as possible.

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