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Carsten Lindner

Carsten Lindner started his career in 1991 at Dresdner Bank, before he became a freelance consultant in 1995. In 1996 he entered into the SAP world and in 1997 he became „Head of SAP development“ at „untersee Unternehmensberatung GmbH“ in Konstanz.

In 1998 he was a co-founder of „software consulting mbase GmbH“, a SAP systems implementor and the predecessor to isacon AG. As a member of the Board of Directors, Carsten steered isacon, in his role as Head of Operations/ Co-CEO since 1999 clearly and successfully in the direction of SAP Banking (Deposits Managemen/ Banking Services). In this way isacon AG became one of the leading SAP implementation partners for SAP Banking products.

Carsten participated in many SAP banking projects (Deposits Management DM and Banking Services) in various roles under the isacon flag and has as the first individual ever implemented SAP Deposits Management on three continents (in Germany (with the Postbank), in the USA (HSH NY) and at the Persian Gulf (al khalij Commercial Bank)).

Carsten is Co-CEO at CORE SPIRIT Bank-IT Consultancy AG since 2009.

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Gunnar Bozenhard

Gunnar Bozenhard started his career in various Consultancy- and IT-companies in Sweden, before he in 1990 entered into the banking and securities industry at Swiss bank Corporation (later UBS) / Arbitech.

From 1995 he has participated as a consultant and manager within the development of consultancy companies, among others Guide Datakonsult AB (240 employees) in Stockholm,  in the areas of project management, sales contract management, systems development and strategic consultancy at banks and insurance companies.

Starting in 2001 Gunnar was active internationally for the globally successful core banking software provider Temenos in several countries in Europe, America and Asia as Project Manager at the implementation of the System T24. Since 2007 Gunnar has been supporting isacon AG in the areas of project management within SAP banking (SAP Deposits Management) projects, test management for SAP Banking as well as legal contract management and in 2008 he was appointed to participate in the general management of the isacon Group.

Gunnar is Co-CEO at CORE SPIRIT Bank-IT Consultancy AG since 2009.

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Our purpose with  CORE SPIRIT is to promote something which is good to be even better.

It is good, when a management consulting company can boast the capacity of excellent consultants.

It is even better, when these excellent consultants can operate from an excellent platform, which provide the largest possible stability, flexibility and transparency.

For this it is necessary, that the platform is operating based upon networked systems, which support and simplify the every day life of the consultants and enable a high degree of automation of the support processes.

No short term decisions shall be made at the expense of creating long-term sound solutions.

Lean processes, lean administration and a focus upon the most important factors of the equation – ie the consultants, the technology and the customers – this is the key to success.“

                               Gunnar Bozenhard and Carsten Lindner, June 2009