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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Here is our collection of frequently asked questions in conjunction with the topic of SAP banking. Is your question not yet answered? Please feel free to send us any enquiries you may have!

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What does the abbreviation BCA mean? Banking Customer Accounts. Today also called SAP Deposits. 
What is SAP Deposits?  Deposits is a newer term for the SAP product Banking Customer Accounts. The SAP transaction banking product Deposits was created during the second half of the 1990’s. The pilot customers was a group of 5 banks, among others the Volkswagen bank. The product is suitable for administration of various bank deposits accounts. It is also available as an add-on to SAP ERP. Here, among other things, features from the general ledger and from the central business partner were being integrated.
What does DM mean?  DM is the abbreviation for Deposits Management, the SAP transaction banking product for administration of business partners, accounts and card contracts. Details can be seen below under the entry Deposits Management.
What is the difference between SAP Deposits Management and SAP Deposits?  SAP Deposits is sometimes called “the little brother” of (sometimes also as a prototype for) SAP Deposits Management. This is a good description. SAP Deposits Management was mainly aimed at internationally operating banks with millions of accounts and cards. SAP Deposits is due to its architecture rather aimed at smaller installations (although some banks are actually using it to process in excess of 1 million accounts) and is functionally slightly leaner. Here also the future development is in favour of SAP Deposits Management, which is continuously being developed further within the context of the SAP Banking Services.
What is SAP Banking Services?  SAP Banking Services is SAP AGs consolidation approach with respect to its Banking products. Currently there are in fact two product areas, firstly the "@ERP" series of banking products, which are delivered as an AddOn to SAP ERP (for example. BCA and CML) and, secondly, the SAP Banking Services, which is intended to cover the requirements of banks as a stand alone system with respect to the transactional-/ giro business. The SAP Banking Services is technologically based upon the SAP Deposits Management. This is also evident, when one regards the products release numbers - in the case of SAP Deposits Management the version 4.0 is the last release and in the case of SAP Banking Services, 5.0 is the first release. Technologically this means, that the data, functional (contract components) and extension model of SAP Deposits Management is prevailing. Now ongoingly also other functionality is being transferred  onto this modern platform (originating from the @ERP Series) and also newly developed features (such as the Master-Contract management (framework agreements/ lines) is created thereupon.

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