Core Spirit for your career

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The Core Spirit

Collegiality, friendliness, fairness and the opportunity to share knowledge – is that not rather a boy scout slogan?

No, we see this differently. The relationship between client – CORE SPIRIT – consultant is clearly influenced  by these factors. At CORE SPIRIT collegiality and fairness, the sharing of knowledge and cooperation is allowed to flow freely. And this is exactly what we as members of the CORE SPIRIT Team are aspiring to. By means of knowledge sharing each individual benefits from the strength of the entire team. Together we can achieve more than each individual on his or her own. CORE SPIRIT is representing mutual respect, interaction and co-operation.

We are supporting and promoting an open, creative atmosphere and a stimulating and exciting working environment. We are keeping our internal organisation simple yet effective. Each employee at CORE SPIRIT has one clearly responsible manager, by whom he or she is fully supported. This facilitates a simple and clear communication. Regular social events in a relaxed atmosphere are contributing to a valuable social experience also outside of everyday project life.

We are completely employee owned – our management has many years of hands-on banking project experience - which leads to reliable strategic management in line with customer and employee interests and needs.

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