Your contribution to your career at CORE SPIRIT

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Your contribution

Do you appreciate a creative and interesting and varied working environment, within which you have the opportunity to take on responsibility and which from time to time challenges yourself?

Is it important to you to work for an organisation, with whose values, approach and behaviour you can identify yourself?

Do you appreciate clear and open communication, a relaxed working atmosphere and a straightforward organisational structure?

Would you like to be able to co-manage your career and be able  to grow personally and professionally?

In this case we would be pleased to get to know you better!

Since we perform project activities both in Germany and abroad, you should be prepared to travel and be fluent in English.

On the following pages you can find more information about the currently open positions at CORE SPIRIT. In addition, in case none of the job descriptions is corresponding exactly to your experience, skill set or goals, but we have nevertheless awoken your curiousity, we would be pleased to hear from you! In our industry we often see individuals with a non-standard professional or educational background, and we would also in this case still be happy to discuss a possible career for you.

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